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Adult Ministries

Adult Education Hour

Have you ever sat in a church, listened to a sermon, and found that you didn't quite understand what the preacher meant at some point? Wouldn't it be great if you could just raise your hand and ask him to explain? At New Albany Evangelical Free, we do just that. Each week, after the main service, the adults gather to informally discuss the sermon and a variety of other topics. Unlike the sermon, this is an interactive time where questions are welcome. This allows us to push even deeper into scripture and to grow as individuals and as a community.

Heart Groups

A congregation, pressed by the pace of life, must be creative in its efforts to spend time together. Small groups are a flexible method for accomplishing this end.

HEART (Home, Encouragement, Accountability, Relationships, Teaching) groups are small groups that meet during the week with the goal of connecting people in more accountable relationships for the purpose of growing in Christlikeness, fulfilling the one another passages of scripture, and doing the work of the ministry.

HEART Groups are an essential ingredient to congregational life at New Albany EFC. Each group meets at a time and location that is most suitable for its members.

Adult Fellowship

At New Albany E-Free, we believe that a good, Christian community does not happen by accident. We regularly host a variety of events that intentionally seek to bring our members together for times of fellowship and mutual edification. Sometimes it is Bible or book studies; sometimes it's sitting around a fire talking, laughing, and enjoying the gift of community that God has given us. The activities vary with the seasons, but the goal is the same.

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