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Youth Ministries

It is our goal to help each young person grow in their relationship with God.

We believe that every part of the body of Christ is valuable, and we are grateful for the ministry of our youth among us. These are crucial years when young people are beginning to formulate their own thoughts and beliefs and we desire our youth to fully embrace God’s call on their lives to be disciple-makers. It is not the role of the Church to replace or step-in for parents but it is to equip and walk alongside them as they raise our youth up in the Lord.


For this reason, our youth ministries are designed for our youth to thrive within our five core commitments:

  • We make disciples of all peoples.

  • God’s word is enough.

  • The gospel changes everything

  • The Spirit works actively today.

  • We need each other.  


Please join us for a time of fun, worship, and serious study of the Word of God.

Sunday School

We have weekly youth Sunday School classes with age-appropriate teaching for children and teenagers​.


We offer activities that are designed for teens to interact with each other socially, but our main goal is to help them deepen their understanding of the Bible and grow in their love for Jesus. We aim to teach our teens the that Gospel changes everything, including their time together. We want to model gospel-encouraged fun and laughter.​​

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